6 November  2015 by order of the National University of Food Technologies Technical School №116 rename Smila Smila Food Technology at College of Food Technology .
4 September 2014 celebrated its one hundred and thirty years since the founding of the college Smila Food Technologies - one of the oldest educational institutions of Ukraine. Milestones of its formation and development:
In October 2009 Smila Technical School of Food Technologies celebrated solemnly its 125th anniversary. 
1884 – after the approval of the initiated activities Smila Technical Classes were opened with the assistance of graphs Bobrinskys - the first and only educational institution of the Russian Empire, which trained personnel for the sugar industry.
1917 – converting Technical Classes in Smila Secondary Chemical Technological Vocational school.
1922 – reorganization of Vocational School into Chemical Technological Secondary School - the first higher technical school in Ukraine. Getting Started the professional Technical School.
1929 – opening of Sugar Institute on the base of the Secondary Technical school.
1930 – moving of Sugar Institute to Kyiv. The professional Technical School was reorganized into the Technical School of Food Industry.
1944 – first postwar recruit of students.
1946 – - updated training in the field: "The technology of sugar production", "Mechanical and thermo equipment of sugar refineries," started training technicians on "Production and assembly of food apparatuses and machines", "Industrial and civil construction." Courses to higher qualification of technical personnel for sugar factories were organized.
1966 – opening of specialty "Treatment of metals by cutting".
1975, 1986 – new academic buildings were built.
1982 – opening of the specialty "Management of automatic devices in the food industry".
1999 –opening of specialties "Organization of production", "Programming for computers and automated systems", "Operation of data processing systems and decision-making", "Maintenance of computerized integrated and robotic technical systems".
2003 – entering the Technical Secondary School as a part of the National University of Food Technologies.
2004 – establishment of a correspondence faculty NUFT in town Smila on the base of the Technical School.
2010 – the first set of students in "Bread, pastry, pasta and food concentrates".
2011 - new specialty "Marketing activities" is opened.
Among the graduates of the educational establishment are: IA Kukharenko - Rector of Kyiv Polytechnical Institute, MF Kulinich - Food Minister of Ukraine and the Soviet Union, PD Fedorov - director of Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry in 1947-1962 years, AA Getman - Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering, VS Bryukhovetsky - Honorary President of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, famous scientists – M.O. Arhipovich, M.M. Pushanko, M.O. Maslikov and many others.
A great contribution to the establishment and development of the Technical Secondary School made directors did D.I.Kochenovskyy, P.N.Kyslinskyy, V.P.Helvarh, H.I.Slyezyev, V.I.Stetsenko, O.F.Davydenko, V.F.Bardadym.