Cultural work

In college, a powerful base for educational work: conference hall for 300 seats, modern disco hall in hostel and studio recording "Chance", equipped with modern music and light equipment; costume-room with many Ukrainian folk, historical and contemporary costumes, museum of history of college; Museum of earles Bobrinskys, sport gyms, sports grounds at the stadium and others.


In college, there are 11 subject circles, 12 clubs according to the interests, 10 circles of technical creativity, 5 amateur art teams and 6 sports sections. Among them:

  • Chemical circle "Lomonosovets"
  • Circles of expressive reading "Jingle, the word"; gifted youth "When the word is being born" and others
  • National amateur team "Sriblyanka"
  • Circle of historical drama
  • Team KVN "Brave, comrades,in step!”
  • Studio of stage combat "Fight stream"
  • Recording Studio "Chance"
  • Choreographic Studio