The technical school library is  a library and a bibliographic, cultural and educational complex which provides the educational process with literature and information.

The library occupies a big room of an educational and laboratory complex. The area of a book-depository allows to place a library stock rationally.

There are 2 reading rooms – a big reading room, light and cosy, on 60 seats  and a small reading room where pedagogical and methodical literature is.

The book fund consists of 90665 copies of educational, public, popular scientific, reference and fiction literature. In a reading room there is a wide choice of reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers and magazines which satisfy all readers' needs on subjects
  • "Computer review";
  • "Economy of Ukraine";
  • "Food and processing industry";
  • "Health and safety";
  • "Sugar of Ukraine" etc.

There are permanent exhibitions "Rare Book", "Bibliopole's Shelf" where readers can get acquainted with unique editions of the XVII-XIX centuries (it is the only library in the city which has such interesting and rare editions). The acquaintance of young specialists to old rare literature plays a big role in understanding of history of the native land, bringing up love to the land of the ancestors.

Readers are provided with bibliographic information with the help of exhibitions and the bulletins "New receipts in library", "We advise to read" etc.

In their work librarians use all richness of national culture, traditions, customs. A wide choice of thematic scenarios of parties, literary conferences, debates, conversations, oral magazines - "Formation of universal values"  - are created for the help of tutors. It helps teachers bring up national consciousness, bases of production and economic culture, kindness, ethics, mercy, high morals and culture of behavior of their students.

Today a lot of attention is paid to the creation of the electronic library, a local computer network. It will give the opportunity to teachers, students and employees to use library fund from all computers connected to this network.

Three experienced librarians work in the library in close contact with pedagogical collective. The creative atmosphere of intellectual work with the book reigns here, the librarians' knowledge and experience helps to provide information for satisfaction the readers'  inquiries. The Library Council is organized for more successful work .