Material base

For carrying out studies the technical school uses three educational and laboratory buildings and a workshop. The total area of structures is 22915 m ².

Generally the classroom fund of the technical school totals 81 audiences (55 studies and 26 specialized laboratories).

All laboratories and studies are equipped with modern facilities, technical equipments of studies, computer and multimedia equipment, furniture and stock for fulfillment of laboratory works. In technical school there is a computer center which consists of 7 computer classes connected to the Internet, a local network, and also the publishing group which publishes educational and methodical literature and methodical documents.

Besides 2 multimedia classes with modern equipment with a total area of 160 m on 100 places are created for the purpose of more widespread introduction of interactive methods of training in recent years in technical school.

The social infrastructure of technical school includes a dining room on 220 places, the assembly hall on 300 places, a gym, a library with a reading room on 60 places, a first-aid post, a health care complex with a gym and a sauna and two hostels with a total area of 5690 м2  and 2359 м2 of  living space.

In a hostel all conditions for accommodation of students, for interesting carrying out leisure are created. All rooms where students live are connected to the Internet.

All premises of technical school correspond sanitary and hygienic requirements provide necessary conditions for training of specialists.

The lesson in English Study

Ukrainian Study

Maths Study

Physics Study

Chemistry Study

Seminar in a multimedia class

Conference on practical training in a multimedia class

The lessons in Computer Studies


The laboratory of technochemical control of sugar production, sugary substances, and also baking, confectionery, macaroni productions.

Laboratory work on research of quality of conventional food and finished goods of production.

Automation of Technological Processes laboratory

Students are modeling, investigating automatic systems of regulation by means of the applied programs VisSim, TRACE MODE

The laboratory "Industrial electronics, microelectronics, micro and computer circuitry"

Students are studying the work, are modeling and developing electronic schemes of systems of automatic equipment.

"Bases of Metrology of Technical Measurement and Means of Technical Control" laboratory

Students are studying deviations and static characteristics of gages.

The laboratory "Electrical equipment, theories of electric and magnetic circles. Electric equipment and the automated electric drive"

students are carrying out the measurements of electrical quantities by different methods and devices.

"Circuitry and Architecture of the Computer, Computer and Microprocessor Facilities" laboratory

Students are studying the structure of microprocessor means and microcontrollers, methods of their programming

"Installation and Control of Technical Means of the Automated Systems" laboratory

Students are carrying out installation, adjustment and repairing the technical facilities of automation