Programming circle

Head - Serazeyeva Victoria, a teacher. Modern society is characterized by a period of strong influence on it computer technologies that penetrate into all spheres of human activity, ensure dissemination of information flows in society, creating a global information space. The reason for this - unheard for the previous periods the increase of the role of information and its transformation into one of the major driving forces of the entire production and social life. Classes in circle of programming help students to learn to manage their project using Case - tools and RAD - technology visual development software. Computer telecommunications, information resources, Internet services and multimedia centers with proper use help to involve the students in active cognitive and educational process, free access to the necessary information to form their own reasoned opinion on a particular problem, the possibility of thorough research, use students of practice group. The students of the circle are regular participants of programming competitions.

Chemical circle "Lomonosovets"

Head - Borsch Valentyna Mychailivna, a teacher of the highest category, methodologist.

Food industry is developing rapidly, applies new technologies based on the use of knowledge in the natural sciences. Chemistry helps to understand many important chemical processes that are the basis of food production.

Classes in chemical circle helps the students to think and learn basic concepts in chemistry, students participate in the making of visual aids, models of molecules, producing wall newspapers with news of science, exploring the composition of water, semi-products

Circles of expressive reading "Jingle, the word" and creatively gifted youth "When the word is being born"

Heads - Obodovska Tamara Grygorivna, teacher of the highest category and Dunets Svitlana Vasylivna, methodologist and teacher of the highest category work with creatively talented students and fans of the native language. Members of the group - the permanent members of intercollegiate competitions at various levels. Student  of gr. ORG 06, an excellent student  Lytvyn Maria was represented College at the VIII International competition in Ukrainian named after Peter Yatsyk, at stage III (regional) took second place among students of higher educational establishments of I- II level of accreditation, 26.01.08r. participated in the final stage of the fourth nationwide competition. Awarded with diplomas and prizes.

In addition, there are clubs at the college  "Experts" (head- Reshetnyak V.F.), technical creative clubs and faculties of national university: culture, health, legal knowledge, economic knowledge and technical creativity, subject circles, circle of history of sugar industry, clubs "Tourist," "Orbit" and others.


Folk youth amateur team "Sriblyanka"

Head - Havrenok Lyudmyla Stepanivna, excellence of education of Ukraine, teacher of higher category.

Concertmaster - Havrenok Yevheniy  Mykolayovych.

The team has successfully performed at the opening of regional festival of folk art, devoted to the 55-th anniversary of the formation of Cherkasy region and 195th anniversary of T.G. Shevchenko birthday, awarded by the Honorary Diploma of Department of Culture of Cherkasy Regional State Administration. 28.02.2008 the ensemble of song "Sriblyanka" was given the honorary title of "National amateur team».


Circle of historical drama

Head - Kikot Nina Mychailivna, excellence of education of Ukraine, teacher of higher category, methodologist.

Participants of the circle prepared performances: "Roksolana", "Child of Love" (dedicated to the memory of Count Bobrinsky O.O.), "Immortal heritage  of Memory" (dedicated to the memory of Pylyp Orlyk - the creator of the first Ukrainian constitution), "Hetman Mazepa" " Cossack Glory " (dedicated to the memory of Ivan Sirko), "Princess Olha".

Collected team KVN(quick witted club) "Brave, comrades, in step!"

Head – Samko Oleh Vasylyovych, a teacher.

From 2005 to 2008, a team of college is a permanent member of the All-Ukrainian Festival "Joke-bird" in Odessa, Cherkassy KVN games league.

The team became the diploma holder of the All-Ukrainian festival for children and youth KVN "Joke Bird - 2005",a  winner - in 2006, a laureat - in 2007, won the bronze medal - in 2010, awarded with the Diploma for long-term cooperation with the Ukrainian Association KVN of Ukraine - in 2012. Also, our collected team has successfully performed in festivals in Kremenchug, Lutsk, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Simferopol.

Creative and methodical assistance provides a graduate of the college Synohub Costyantyn and teachers of college Kykot O.V., Reshetnyak V.F., Yuryeva M.S., Abramov O.B.


Studio of stage combat «Fight stream»

Head - Trokhymenko Dmytro, 4 th year student.

Excentric presentations of the team won many admirers among the students. They performed successfully on the stage of  the town house of culture, on regional television.

The team is the only in promoting a stage show of fighting arts.

Recording Studio "Chance"

Head - Serhiy Kononenko.

Recordist - Kosenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych.

Studio prepares soloists and vocal-instrumental ensemble for performances on all-technical, city festivals and contests of vocalists at different levels, and provides music and lighting for cultural events.

In recent years, the studio produced such talented pupils as Eugene Tytorenko, Anastasia Garaga, Iryna Bilyk, Roman Oskolkov. In 2011, the student Glukhova Anastasia has won the International Contest-Festival "Sun, joy, beauty" in Bulgaria. Graduate of College Pichkur Natalia in 2012 became a member of the first three rounds of the Second All-Ukrainian competition "The Voice of the country."

Choreographical studio of ballroom-sport dance "September"

Head - Honored coach of Ukraine, International Judge, president of the Regional Association of dancesport, graduate of college Tetiana Heorhiyevna Goncharova.

Provides training dance performances for different styles and directions. Prepares dance songs for amateur team "Sriblyanka," solo studio "Chance”,  performances KVN.