Department of Food Technology and Management

Head of department
Kasian Irina 

Secretary of educational part
Gontarenko Lyudmyla

Tel. 2–53–05

Department trains young professionals in the field:

  • 5.05170105 Production of sugar substances and polysaccharides
  • 5.05170104 Production of bread, pastry, pasta and food concentrates
  • 5.03060101 Organization of production
  • 5.03050701 Marketing activities
Training in the specialty «Production of sugar substances and polysaccharides» began in 1884 with the graduation of professional technologists. During the existence of the college over 5,000 professionals were trained in this specialty.
Younger specialists- technologists are prepared to work in the food industry and enterprises producing sugar, refined sugar, starches and starch products, as well as research and design organizations of sugar and starch and syrup industries.
Given the important role to the bakery industry and the high demand for specialists in the college was opened a new specialty «Production of bread, pastry, pasta and food concentrates».
The industry of bread, pastry, pasta factories of food concentrates – are highly mechanized and automated systems for the management of which the department is preparing technologists who have deep and wide-ranging knowledge.
The first call for students to study in specialty «Organisation of production» College undertook in 1999. During this time, were trained more than 300 junior specialists organizers of industry.
Younger specialists - managers, dealing with organizational and management activities in the food and processing industry and work as a production line supervisors, dispatchers, managers, consultants with core activities, agents of supply as well as the leaders of small businesses.
Also in 2011, College started training young specialists in «Marketing» in specialty«Marketing activities». Specialists in marketing services are engaged in marketing goods and services, market research and sales at enterprises of all forms of ownership.
The training of the specialists of the department is provided by highly qualified teachers of 10 cyclic commissions, including commissions of specialized disciplines of technological and economic cycles. Students of the department receive practical training on the best industrial enterprises.
The high level of professional training of graduates of the department indicates the growing demand for professionals and appreciation of their professional level by the heads of leading enterprises and higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
Department of Food Technology and Management is one of the best departments of the college in many indicators of the educational establishment.
The teachers, class masters of the department care about the development of creative abilities of students by employing them to work in circles of technical creativity and participation in amateur performances. The students of the department are active members of the quick witted club, the winners of the contest "Star Rain" and other amateur competitions.


Excellent students of department of Food Technology and Management


Tatiana Zamnyborsch


Kosenko Victoria


Julia Pycarenko


Pylypchuk Dariya


Stankevych Anastasiya


Tertychna Tayisiya



Chesnyuk Yuliya