Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head of department
Yaroviy Leonid Mychailovych

Secretary of Academic part Tetiana Georgiyvna Koval
Tel. 4-50-33

         At the department young professionals are prepared for full-time and part-time form under the state order (s) with a term of study:  3 years and 10 months on the basis of basic secondary education (after 9 years) and 2 years and 10 months on the basis of full secondary education (after 11 classes) in the field:

  • 5.05050208 «Operation and maintenance of equipment for food industry»

                                   Specialization: "Modern computer technology"»

  • 5.05050302 «Technology for material handling machines and automatic lines» 

                                    Specialization: "Modern computer technology in engineering"»


Training in the specialty 5.05050208 "Maintenance and repair of equipment for food industry" is more than for 128 years since the founding of the school. In 1884. in Smila there were opened technical training classes for masters of sugar production. During this period more than 5000 highly qualified specialists.

Junior Specialist qualification 3115 "Technician of operation and repair of the equipment" is prepared for professional work in the business and industrial associations of processing industry, production of machinery and equipment in the shops of farms and technological complexes with low power of the food industry.

Specialist may hold positions:

  • technician of operation and maintenance of equipment
  • technician of debugging and testing
  • тtechnician constructor
  • technician in tools
  • Head of repair and machine shop
  • Deputy of chief mechanic, mechanic of the shop, head of the shop
  • Master of repair.

During the practical training students master workers professions: 

  • mechanic repairman 2-4 grade
  • adjuster processing equipment 2-4 grade
  • turner 2-3 grade.

Training in the specialty 5.05050302 Technology for material handling machines and automatic lines"  Specialisation: "Modern computer technology in engineering" is from 1966 - '46. During this period more than 2000 highly skilled machine builders are prepared.

Junior specialist qualifications 3115 Technician - Technologist (mechanics) are preparing for industrial and technological activities in engineering production complex.

Specialist may hold positions:

  • technologist
  • technician constructor
  • technician of standardization
  • TCI controller
  • master of station
  • Operator CNC machines
  • middle managers
  • Engineer of scientific and technical information
  • Engineer of automation  
  •  Engineer of standardization  
  • Engineer for safety
  • Manager of production
  • technician for the preparation of technical documentation.

During the practical training students master working professions: 

  • CNC machine operator;
  • turner;
  • miller.


Teaching at the department are conducted by qualified teachers of 10 cyclic commissions in modern-equipped classrooms and laboratories and multimedia classes.

 Graduates of the department master the latest technology of the complex preparation of production through modern computer systems design that allows future professionals to work confidently on most modern productions.

Besides teaching the students of engineering mechanics department have the opportunity to exercise their creativity and talents, to participate in CEC, various competitions and festivals.

The result is the defending of diploma projects done by 90% with the use of modern applied computer programs.

In addition, students have the opportunity to get additional working profession, drivers of category A, B and operator of computer typing.

Employment of young professionals of department MI is possible in the food and processing industry, machine-building industry, associations, firms, research and education.

Our graduates are in demand in the labor market that show the applications of enterprises for the graduates of the department and their letters of gratituge. 

Graduates of MI have the opportunity to continue their studies for brief term in universities of Ukraine and the correspondence department NUFT.


The future of the country - for skilled modern engineering staff

Choosing - choose the best!


Excellent students of department of Mechanical Engineering


Litvin Vladislav


Gyrych Eugene


Stepovuy Alexander