Training and production workshop

t.Smila, st.Аrtema, 103
тел. 4-73-03



Chornyi Ivan Oleksandrovych


Foremen of industrial training

Korchak Оleksandr Ivanovych
Tsarinnyy Serhiy Anatoliyovych

Foreman in repair of technological facilities

  • locksmith-repairer
  • electrician
  • electronician
  • locksmith

Training and production workshop

  • mechanical shop
  • metalwork shop
  • workshop of tools PC
  • welding shop
  • laboratory of technological equipment
  • heat treatment shop

Forms of activities


Teaching Practice

  • metalwork
  • mechanical


  • for workers specialty


  • work in jobs with profession manufacture of marketable products

Pregraduation practice

  • experimental design work

Workers professions

  • locksmith-repairer
  • turner
  • miller
  • machine operator PC

(MOE Ukraine License series AB № 159559 from 03.12.2006 у.)

Commodity products

  • knife frame for beet-cutter STSB-12/16, DAR-24
  • sleeves, fittings, couplings for water, heat, gas pipenets
  • various shaft (gears, pumps)
  • different flange
  • gears
  • bench tools
  • furniture for computer labs, classrooms
  • other products under the order

Technical creative work

  • experimental design work
  • specimen preparation of equipment, machinery, laboratory facilities developed in the experimental design work
  • organizing and conducting professional competitions "Best in Profession", "Mechanic", "Turner", "Milling-machine operator", "machine operator with a PC."

Training courses

Licensed type of activity

  • course technical-vocational training, retraining, upgrading the qualification for jobs: locksmith-repairer, turner, miller, machine operator PC