Association of graduated students

Dear graduated students!

     Smila College of Food Technologies of the National University of Food Technologies (to 2003 years – Smila Technical Secondary School of Food Industry)  is 125 years old in October, 2009 from the day of its foundation.
    For the period of its existence the 
College  prepared over 40 thousand technicians-technologists in machine-building and production of sugar substences, technicians-mechanics, technicians-electricians, technicians-programmers, technicians-organizers of production, technicians in electronics,  that work in different industries of national economy of Ukraine and countries abroad (former republics of the USSR).
      Graduated students have constant ties with the 
College. Every year on the second Saturday of June, the anniversary meetings of graduated students, that finished the College  5,10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and more years ago are held.
     Many graduators keep constant ties and render an all-round help, such as: Saliy I.M. - a chairman of committee of businessmen of producers of building materials and wares at the commercial and industrial chamber of Ukraine, Bryuchovetskiy V.S.- a president of National University the Kiev "Mohyla academy", Nechyporenko Y.О.- director of JSC of "Novomyrhopodskiy sugar", Pushanko М.М.- professor of National University, doctor of engineering sciences, Chahaida А.О. - a candidate of engineering sciences, dean of faculty of sugar substances of National University, Myronovich А.А.- a director of firm "ROM", Voloshyn І.P. –a deputy of chief metrologist of JSC "Nitrogen" and many other graduated students.
    At this time the work is conducted on creation of Association of graduated students of the 
College. With this aim I  invite you to the cooperation and ask to fill a questionnaire with data about yourself.
Wish you a good health, happiness and successes in your work!

    Contact information: h.123, Artem str., town Smila, Cherkasy region, 20700 , тел/fax 4-04-13, 4-33-09 УДК in Cherkasy region of МФО 854018 code of 00389216 ac\с 35220004000437(for charitable payments of ac/c 35222002000437)

    Director of College О.І. Chomenko